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About NSPC

National Strength Performance Centre (NSP) is a strength and conditioning performance-based gym located in Woonona. First opened in 2014 by Simon (add qualifications here). NSP is a unique training facility free from non-functional machines and equipment, offering the highest level of international powerlifting competition training and equipment as well as Parra power lifting and general fitness. Our highly qualified coaches are very passionate and care about providing their clients and athletes with the best service and results. NSP is a small welcoming gym no egos just good vibes.


The quickest way to achieving your fitness goals is to have one on one  personal training. You can work a personal trainer for 45 minutes or an hour and it will be entirely focused on you.  These sessions will be strictly based on what is needed for you to reach your objectives. The sessions will consist of weights, resistance work, intense cardio training, and stretching. By combining all of these aspects, you will have every base of fitness covered and it is the most effective way to burn calories. You will be amazed by what you will achieve with a trainer taking you in the right direction.


At NSPC we hold many small group classes each week, they cater for all levels of fitness and there is no need to book!


Every-body is different and needs to be worked in different ways for different goals. There are literally thousands of different exercises in the workout world today. Bringing the best of these together in the right way for your body will be both safe and effective. This is my job!


One of the biggest challenges we face today is making sure we do the things that matter. The best of intentions are great but can easily get lost amongst the hustle and bustle of life. Success in changing your lifestyle comes from consistently sticking to your plan. Being accountable to someone else for your actions means there are no excuses, no delusions just you and what you have done.


Critical to you maintaining a healthy lifestyle change is the achievement of results. The results you may be after can be sports specific, rehabilitation based, weight loss, muscle gain, increased fitness, to simply play with your kids again or just to look and feel fantastic. It is a proven fact that engaging a Personal  Trainer will shorten the time taken to achieve those results.  Wellbeing, sustainability, lifestyle.


I am fully qualified and constantly keeping my skills and knowledge at the cutting edge. I stick with you during our workouts, encourage you and keep you focussed on what you want to achieve. I push you further than you would ever push yourself and no matter what your mood at the start of your session, you will always feel great at the end of it.

Having always had a keen interest in health and fitness, I realised I could take my knowledge, passion and commitment and share it by helping others achieve their own personal lifestyle goals. I can draw on many philosophies and styles to adapt an individual’s program to suit their personal needs. Working together, my objective is to get results with hard work, dedication and a passion for achieving one’s best. Make it happen!