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Cristina Ciraudo

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Cristina Ciraudo

My powerlifting journey started with Simon Bergner just over 2 years ago. Prior to training with Simon, my exercise regime has only ever been cardio based. Strength training did not exist at all.

Simon is a very experienced,knowledgeable,dedicated trainer and motivates me to reach a fitness goal. He has made me realise that a fitness goal, is very important, whatever your age.

Simon's varied approach to strength training has kept me on track with my fitness training. I have more energy and strength than ever before as Simon is always teaching and encouraging me to get better.

Simon is always working on teaching and perfecting techniques so as to minimise my risk of injury.

Am enjoying my powerlifting journey and will happily continue under Simon's competent guidance.

March 6, 2016 | | Comments Off on Cristina Ciraudo

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